Discarded by Faustin Adeniran

On View: September 12th 2019 – October 11th 2019

Mehari Sequar Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition ‘Discarded’ presenting the works of contemporary artist Faustin Adeniran.

On display will be Adeniran’s imaginative transformation of objects once considered “found materials”, that now address cultural identity, economic disparity, and environmental justice.

Part mosaic, part assemblage, Adeniran’s works feature fields of dazzling color crafted from an array of media to mourn the loss of traditional African cultural practices and natural resources. The exchange of long-established African social structures for the gradual adaptation of Western ideas and influences are what Adeniran describes as ‘transcendent assimilation.’

Ultimately, Adeniran’s work is about hope and beauty, his love and appreciation for humanity and environmental justice, and the collective loss that occurs when those cultural values are discarded. We would do well to consider his adage, “If you want to learn about a society, look at what it throws away.”

About Faustin Adeniran

Adeniran has spent the last five years in New Haven, Connecticut, creating three-dimensional works that defy categorization. Detritus is Adeniran’s medium, and his works discuss elements of Nigeria’s historical and present-day challenges often overlooked or discarded because they are inconvenient and somewhat uncomfortable. Adeniran is from the Yoruba tribe, one of the three main indigenous groups in Nigeria. Embedded in his works are references to Yoruba and broader Nigerian culture, racial and tribal conflict, and the complicated history of African colonialism. 

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Catalogue of Available Works